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Doctors, medical professionals, healthcare providers and research the world over all agree and prove that the number one contributor to disease, dysfunction, and death is stress. People spend billions of dollars and countless hours trying to find a remedy to this pandemic. Many people even turn to habits and chemicals that make them worse in the long run all to try and find just a few moments of peace and relaxation in the short term. These include food, alcohol, medications, creams, gizmos and gadgets all aimed at helping people to relax.  Unfortunately, they can often have the opposite impact on a person’s life.

People are busier, more taxed and more stressed than ever. Longer hours and more pressure from work, financial and family stress, driving kids from one practice to the next and trying to fit dinner and quality time in all take their tolls and the stress continues to build. Being able to have a way to relax and down regulate your nervous system effectively and quickly is key to living a longer more healthy and happy life.

Many people actually become more stressed when they think about how trying to relax. Trying to find the time, trying to find a method, and trying to be able to implement something that actually works can spike anyone’s blood pressure. By learning and implementing the highly effective, yet simple, Relief Through Rolling relaxation method, you will be able to easily and quickly transition your brain and nervous system from fight or flight right into rest and relaxation. Before bed, during your kids nap time, or on your work break, Relief Through Rolling can help you find the level of simple and effective relaxation that can help you meet your health goals and get you on your way to living a more calm, healthy, and happy life.


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