Pain Science

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If you were to ask 100 people what pain is, you would get 100 similar, but different, answers. There really are two parts to this response. The first part is, all 100 people would probably agree that pain is not a good or wanted experience. The second part is much more complicated. The truth is that pain, much like money, means something different to every person. The most current and up to date research is changing the way healthcare providers should be engaging with their patients. New studies show that pain is a totally unique experience from person to person. In the past, people have been all treated with the same medications and surgeries. The pain science world is proving that each person, along with their pain, is vastly unique. What the pain science world has proven through research coming in from all over the world is that the pain you have does not have to be the pain you keep going forward. Now, more than ever, the pain science world is proving that medications and surgeries alone are the answer for chronic pain.

Utilizing a combination of pain education, safe movement and safe touch, or pressure stimulation, a person with decades of pain can immediately begin to change you unique neural signature and brain mapping. Relief Through Rolling provides all three of these elements to instantly, effectively and safely help people decrease and eliminate their pain.


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