The Creation of Relief Through Rolling

There are many products on the market that claim to solve the ever growing issue of pain.  These products range from gadgets to taking pills for the rest of your life.  Ultimately, none of these products facilitate any consistent or long term reduction in a person’s pain levels.  They either provide short term relief or just mask the symptoms.

Since 2000, Kevin Lucas has been helping people solve this very problem.  As an Advanced Structural Integration Practitioner and teacher, Kevin has helped thousands of people relieve their chronic pain.  Now Kevin is living his dream.  He has brought to life a DVD full of techniques that were designed specifically to alleviate the aches and pain that millions of people are experiencing.


PageLines- 5.pngWhen we are born our bodies are perfectly aligned and we do not experience daily aches and pains.  What happens in our bodies that causes us to change from pain free and happy kids to adults who suffer daily?  The answer lies in all the activities you have done every day of your life; things as simple as everyday chores or running in the park to something as serious as a car accident or illness. All of these activities affect the myofascial tissue which is what determines the position of your muscles, nerves, bones, and organs.  All of these activities cause physical changes in the fascial tissue and the way your body moves.  These changes are the biggest contributing factor to your pain.

We have developed a series of simple techniques that are easy to implement into your daily life.  These techniques focus on creating structural changes that take your body back to its youthful state.  When your body goes back to its original alignment, you will see a reduction in pain levels.PageLines- 3s.png


Let’s think about our car for a second.  When your car is out of alignments the car pulls to one side and doesn’t drive straight down the road.  To compensate for this, you have to pull the steering wheel in the opposite direction so you won’t run into the cars next to you.  Well, what happens to the tires because of this?  They wear out unevenly and much more quickly.  You could go out and buy new tires, but they will suffer the same fate.  In order to solve the problem, the physical structure of the car needs to be changed and the wheels need to be realigned so they are going straight and not pulling to the side.  This is exactly what is happening in your body.  When you fix your alignment you will begin to live the pain free life you have always wanted.  Our techniques help you accomplish this.