Relief Through Rolling for Hip Pain

The pelvis is the keystone of the body. It must provide stability, support and a base for the spine to sit on top of, all while providing movement and mobility with the legs so you can walk, run, jump and play. The demands on the pelvis to try and manage and connect the top half and the bottom half can really take their toll. Bursitis, arthritis, hip replacements, pain, and poor mobility, can really limit the way in which you are getting to live your life. One of the scariest things that can happen for a person is to lose the ability to walk and move on your own. I am happy to say that I have helped thousands of patients not only decrease and treat their pain, but also drastically improve the movement and functionality of their pelvis

Relief Through Rolling is a is a simple and effective self-care method that allows you to manage pain at the moment that it is happening. Imagine being empowered and equipped with a highly effective, yet simple, method and tool to improve and treat your hip pain.

Course Contains Over 90 Minutes of Video Content in the Following Areas:

  • Relief Through Rolling for Hip Pain – Series Introduction
  • Relief Through Rolling Benefits
  • Common Hip Issues
  • Anatomy of the Hip
  • Common Compensations and Deviations of the Hip
  • Movement of the Hips
  • Relief Through Rolling Gear
  • Rules of the Roller
  • Awareness and Baseline Testing of the Hips
  • Rolling the Sacrum
  • Rolling the Sacrum on the Wall
  • Rolling the IT Band
  • Rolling the IT Band on the Wall
  • Rolling the Quads on the Wall
  • Rolling the Quads on the Floor
  • Rolling the Pelvic Floor
  • Rolling the Pelvic Floor in the Chair
  • Rolling the Adductors (Inner Thigh)
  • Closing