Relief Through Rolling for Neck Pain

From job or family stress, to whiplash and headaches, neck pain is one of the top reasons why people spend billions of dollars per year looking for help and relief. The simple act of looking over your shoulder to check your blind spot while driving or sitting down to watch your favorite TV program or movie can become a nightmare for someone suffering from neck issues. If simple tasks are difficult, imagine trying to go to work or exercise with a neck that is in pain and having issues.

It is vital that we all have simple, safe and easy solutions to be able to decrease and get rid of neck pain as it is happening. Well you are in luck, Relief Through Rolling is a is a simple and effective self-care method that allows you to manage pain at the moment that it is happening.  With Relief Through Rolling, you will be empowered and equipped with a highly effective, yet simple, method and tool to improve and treat your neck pain.

Course Contains Over 1 Hour of Video Content in the Following Areas:

  • Relief Through Rolling for Neck Pain – Series Introduction
  • Relief Through Rolling Benefits
  • Common Neck Issues
  • Anatomy of the Neck
  • Common Compensations and Deviations of the Neck
  • Movement of the Neck
  • Relief Through Rolling Gear
  • Rules of the Roller
  • Awareness and Baseline Testing of the Neck
  • Lasagna Pan
  • Lasagna Pain in the Chair
  • Snow Angels
  • Snow Angels in the Chair
  • Rolling the Neck
  • Closing