Back Pain



One of the most problematic and prolific issues for people is back pain. There are over 2 billion reports of back pain to healthcare providers every year. Imagine that, over 2 billion people per year are struggling with back pain and that is just the reported cases.

Every day, someone is suffering from minor aches, pains and annoyances, to severe character altering and life changing back pain. I have seen and worked with it all. The truth is, if someone has not personally experienced a back pain incident where you can’t move, sit, stand, or walk normally it can be difficult to relate to how overwhelming and life changing back pain truly be can be.

I am here to tell you that after working with thousands of patients who have suffered with every kind of back pain symptom, there is hope.  I have created a life changing method that can naturally, safely, and effectively help you get your life back. Relief Through Rolling is a is a simple and effective self-care method that allows you to manage pain at the moment that it is happening. Imagine being empowered and equipped with a highly effective, yet simple, method and tool to improve and treat your back pain.

Course Contains Over 1 Hour of Video Content in the Following Areas:

  • Relief Through Rolling for Back Pain – Series Introduction
  • Relief Through Rolling Benefits
  • Common Back Issues
  • Anatomy of the Back
  • Common Compensations and Deviations of the Back
  • Movement of the Back
  • Relief Through Rolling Gear
  • Rules of the Roller
  • Awareness and Baseline Testing of the Back
  • Lasagna Pan
  • Lasagna Pan in the Chair
  • Snow Angels
  • Snow Angels in the Chair
  • Rolling the Back
  • Rolling the Back on the Wall
  • Rolling the Back in the Chair
  • Rolling the Ribcage
  • Rolling the Ribcage on the Wall
  • Closing



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