Hand and Elbow Pain



Our hands connect us to the world as we wave hello, provide a welcoming handshake, and give an embracing hug.  We all use our hands in so many different ways. From pottery to cooking, knitting fabric or doing surgery a person’s ability to comfortably and effortlessly use their hands the way they want to is one of life’s true miracles. It is something most don’t even think about and many take for granted until they are having issues. When you can’t tie your own shoe or button your own shirt, or hold a utensil to feed yourself only then do the little things that we all take for granted suddenly turn into big things.

The hands are so important that the brain actually devotes more brain area to sensing what is happening in the hands than almost every other region of the body.

There is help for arthritis, contracture, stiffness, aches and pains. Relief Through Rolling is a is a simple and effective self-care method that allows you to manage pain at the moment that it is happening. Imagine being empowered and equipped with a highly effective, yet simple, method and tool to improve and treat your hand and elbow pain.

Course Contains Over 1 Hour of Video Content in the Following Areas:

  • Relief Through Rolling for Hand and Elbow Pain – Series Introduction
  • Relief Through Rolling Benefits
  • Common Hand and Elbow Issues
  • Anatomy of the Hand and Elbow
  • Common Compensations and Deviations of the Hand and Elbow
  • Movement of the Hand and Elbow
  • Relief Through Rolling Gear
  • Rules of the Roller
  • Awareness and Baseline Testing of the Hand and Elbow
  • Rolling the Upper Arm and Forearm on the Wall
  • Rolling the Forearm in the Chair
  • Rolling the Hand in the Chair
  • Closing


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