Post Workout Recovery



After working with people for nearly 20 years, one thing that I have come to learn is that they love to focus and spend lots of time on improving performance. We all want to run that 5k faster, lift more weight and bike for longer. As great as this feels in the moment what does not feel great is so much of the pain issues that come from over training. In fact you don’t even have to over train to have issues with structural compensation, repetitive issues, or pain. Most people have a great outstanding of the techniques in their particular sport or hobby, but they are missing a genuine love for recovery. All athletes who have long careers and are the healthiest all have something in common and it is not pure natural talent. It is an obsession with staying healthy by focusing on recovery. Many everyday athletes so easily and consistently skip over this important part of the workout routine.  Going straight from the office to working out, or getting out of bed at 5 am to get a work out in before the kids get up, the recovery is often skipped because of a lack of time and understanding of the importance to their overall health.

Relief Through Rolling solves these issues by providing a simple, yet highly effective, recovery method.  Now, busy people can take just a few minutes at the end of their workout, or any time during the day, and add the life changing element of recovery into their lives. Pain reduction, increased mobility, and improved performance are all amazing benefits you will receive by adding Relief Through Rolling to your workout routine.

Course Contains Over 1 Hour of Video Content in the Following Areas:

  • Recovery – Series Introduction
  • Common Recovery Issues
  • Tips for Recovery
  • Awareness and Baseline Testing for Recovery
  • Relief Through Rolling Gear
  • Rules of the Roller
  • Lasagna Pan
  • Lasagna Pan in the Chair
  • Rolling the Back
  • Rolling the Back on the Wall
  • Rolling the Pelvis
  • Rolling the Pelvis in the Chair
  • Rolling the IT Band
  • Rolling the IT Band on the Wall
  • Rolling the Adductors (Inner Thigh)
  • Closing



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