Relief Though Rolling Basics in Windsor, ON

July 15, 2015 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
St. Clair Beach Community Centre
13731 Saint Gregory's Road
Windsor, ON N8N 1K3
$35 Canadian

Relief Through Rolling is a system that brings significant and profound relief of both acute and chronic pain in a fun, simple and, most importantly, pain-free method using only an inexpensive foam roller.  Whether you have pain in many regions of your body or just a specific area, these fun and feel good techniques will have you moving like you did in your prime and feeling ways you have not felt in years.

Each Relief Through Rolling technique was created to soften, lengthen and reposition the connective tissues in the body back to their ideal state of being soft, long and flexible.  This system is designed specifically to target the fascial system in the body.  Fascia is a connective tissue that provides structure in the body by covering and surrounding every nerve, muscle, bone, ligament and tendon.  When the body is overused, underused, or injured the fascial tissue shrinks, shortens, and becomes sticky; gluing parts of the body together that are supposed to move freely and easily.

Unlike other foam rolling methods, the Relief Through Rolling method focuses on lengthening, ungluing and smoothing out the fascial tissue of the body in a pain free way. This specialized method has been proven to soften, lengthen and reposition the fascial tissue so muscles, nerves, tendons and joints can function at their optimal levels. As a result, patients experience pain reduction, increased circulation, increased range of motion, and improved posture. All of these positive changes in the body lead to a more vibrant, dynamic, healthy life.

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