Chris Knight

Master Trainer

Chris and her high school sweetheart, David, have made their home in Omaha Nebraska since 1997. There they raised their two sons, Austin and Dalton.  They have enjoyed living in a big city with a small town feel.  Choosing to be a stay-at-home mom, Chris left a career in insurance.  With her boys growing up, she knew that she needed to find something that she was passionate about to occupy her time.  That led her to seek a certification in Reformer Pilates.

Chris has been a Certified STOTT PILATES Reformer instructor since 2008.  She has taught at several area gyms and studios eventually deciding to open her own business.  In 2009 One Pilates was born.  Chris wanted to create a space where everyone who walked through her door felt how important they were.  She kept her class size small, only teaching 3-4 people at a time in order for everyone to have their personal needs met.

Her quest to continually further her education led to an exploration into the fantastic world of fascia!  Learning more about fascia became a passion which lead to foam roller training.  Having tried one method, a colleague introduced her to Kevin Lucas and his Relief Through Rolling techniques.  His techniques blew her away and she was hooked by the simplicity of his techniques and their fantastic results.  Learning more about Kevin and his Structural Integration practice and the positive effects that structural integration has on the body has led her on another journey.  She is currently enrolled in a Structural Integration program.  Her goal is to help educate people that there are alternatives out there to help people deal with their pain and help them get out of pain now.